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Clarionite Trent Does Good

As part of the Clarion Class of 2004's evil plot to take over the entirety of the Spec Fic Universe, classmate Trent Hergenrader reports that his story "From the Mouths of Babes" is now out in the March 2006 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Plus John Joseph Adams, assistant editor at F&SF, has a highly amusing interview with Trent on JJA's blog, The Slush God Speaketh.

Congratulations to Trent! I've seen an earlier version of his story, and I'll try to run by Schuler's Books on the way home today and snag a copy. If I've got my accounting right, of the major spec fic publications for short fiction, Trent's is the first of us to hit the stands.

Please note the shocking lack of Trent's name on the cover.

Dr. Phil

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