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NASFiC in Detroit at ConFusion

Duel in Dearborn

Back in October I wrote about a NASFiC bid for Detroit in 2014 (DW). No way were the NASFiC in Detroit people NOT going to be at ConFusion. But the Kansas City in 2014 people were also there -- each group had an endpaper ad in the program and their tables were next to each other. The KC crew had hats. I'm very fond of hats, but could not in good conscious fund the enemy campaign. (grin)

UPDATE: 1-22-2013 Tue -- I am reminded that "The Kansas City bid is for the 2016 Worldcon / Detroit is bidding against Phoenix for the 2014 NASFIC". Dammit, and I knew that! I cheated myself out of a hat because I wasn't paying attention. (In my defense the KC table was at one of the chokepoints in the hotel layout and whenever I was passing the table I was trying to slip between hordes of people --- and I don't "slip between hordes of people" easily.) (grin)

Meanwhile, Al Bogdan was busy taking pictures of people holding up a NASFiC in Detroit license plate. I stole a few from the NASFiC in Detroit Facebook post:

Steve Buccheit, Jim Hines and Dave Klecha. (Click on photos for larger.)

Mary Robinette Kowal, John Scalzi and Patrick Rothfuss. (Click on photos for larger.)

Some Imperial intervention, Dr. Phil and the Dalek delegation. (Click on photos for larger.)

To vote FOR a NASFiC in Detroit, you will need to be a supporting or attending member of Lonestar 3, the 2014 WorldCon in San Antonio TX. Join us in making this a reality!

Dr. Phil
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