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Oooh, Do I HAVE To Go To Schuler's... Again?

After yesterday's post on Trent Hergenrader's story in F&SF, I figured I'd make a run by Schuler's Books on Alpine on the way home. Naturally, with the rain/snow, one questioned whether going through the heart of downtown Grand Rapids at rush hour was a smart move or not, but by the time I got there, traffic was so light as to be nothing at all...

A Little Knowledge Is Dangerous

I already knew what the cover looked like, and I could see they had three copies on the shelf, even before I got to the inside doors. (I like having a choice of copies -- I always take one of the flatter ones from the middle or back of the stack which hasn't been pawed or drooled over by the great unwashed public.)


As long as I was in Schuler's, I took a turn down the aisle with the SF anthologies and collections, to see if they had the Writers of the Future - Volume XXI, which contains fellow 2004 Clarion classmate slithytove John Schoffstall's Grand Prize Winning Story "In The Flue".

Sure enough, they had one copy left on the shelf and I added it to my pile. It's 6:20pm on a messy January evening, and I have to fight my way through bunches of people checking out books and magazines. I love a good book store!

From Publishers Weekly via

The 21st volume in the anthology series sponsored by Hubbard's Writers of the Future program may contain no knockouts, but more than a few of its 15 tales by emerging SF and fantasy writers show real talent. John Schoffstahl's exciting "In the Flue" extrapolates from today's Mideast headlines.

On The Walk Back To The Car...

... I realized that I had planned to make my next Schuler's trip a search for Marjorie Liu's, aka webpetals, two new books -- but I had completely forgotten. Oh well, damn -- I'm just going to have to come back to Schuler's another day. Marjorie knows I'm still good for the sales, they'll just show up on February's stats and not January's. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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