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Back To The Shop

Drove the Teal Machine home. No problem. In the afternoon, I went and got gas -- gas was trending towards four bucks before the Sequester, down to $3.86.9/gal now -- and then drove to Holland for a couple of things. Parked at Big Apple Bagels, took my foot off the brake...

And we rolled backwards.

In Park.

At this point I started back towards Coopersville, and called in. Told them the parking pawl wasn't engaging. Doesn't anyone use that term anymore?

I'd hoped it was just an adjustment. When I had a new transmission thrown on the 1985 Blazer, it wouldn't select 1st Only until the cable was adjusted. Alas, the cable was fraying and coming apart. The mechanic couldn't even start it in Park, had to go to Neutral by the time I got it up there. Of course at 4pm, they can't get the part until Monday.

Thankfully this didn't happen on my commute.

And no, I don't use the parking brake -- can't with my bad leg anyway.

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