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Hullo, February

I flipped over from WOOD-AM 1300 to WLAV-FM 96.9 on the drive to Kalamazoo this morning and discovered that LAV was repeating last year's fascinating exercise of doing their whole library of classic rock from "A to Z" by title, in order. It takes a long time and covers such a wide range and you get such wonderful surprises as songs that you never get to hear or really interesting adjacent titles. (Plus the occasional bad alphabetizing job.)

Thursday they are supposed to go streaming, so you might want to check out the LAV website above... or go there to find out what they've been playing recently.

Assuming that they weren't just making funny, it sounds like Kevin Matthews just decided to jump the gun today around 9am. The A to Z marathon was supposed to start Friday, which makes sense that the might want to get the streaming broadcast up on Thursday... ah, creative disk jockeys.

Anyway, I think I'll be listening to a lot more classic rock in the coming week or two... it sure was fun last year.

Dr. Phil
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