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Another Sign of Spring

So on Monday I posted about some of the signs of spring (DW). There are others. Last Sunday, despite it still being a tad winterish outside, the birds were singing springlike in the morning.

And look, children, the skunks are back! Actually, you don't need to see them, you can smell 'em. And I don't mean stinking in passing. I mean that the silly nearsighted skunks have ventured forth and tried to cross the roads. In the last week there've been a couple of pretty smelly skunks on the sides of the road, with great stenches following emergency and sudden evacuation of their odoriferous stink glands.

And on Wednesday, on my drive home, on a slushy 84th Avenue, I had to stay in my lane due to oncoming traffic -- and I must've run over a particularly special skunk that'd been there since about Sunday. The ice cold conditions really kept it in fine fettle and I may even have had a tire toss of the material onto the hot exhaust system.

Sure, it's on the outside of the newly repaired Blazer -- thank goodness I didn't have to take it back again and have the poor guy work underneath -- but we still have to air out the garage in the morning. Whew. One Special Skunk!

And that, is a sure sign of spring!

Dr. Phil
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