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This Was Quick

Though they call it the Second Round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, aka March Madness, the "round of 64" is really the First Round, after Tuesday and Wednesday's four play-in games. It matters not. But it's this round where the seedings are traditionally in play and upsets are made.

I love upsets.

At the same time, I know that historically I cannot ever root for a team. Illinois, for example, finally prevailed. But during the course of a few minutes of watching the Illini play, they went from beating up on Colorado to losing by a point. Mrs. Dr. Phil, who did Library School in Champaign, told me to leave the room. (grin)

Anyway, the first big thirty-two games aren't even over yet and my so-called Bracket is officially...


Yeah, I went out on a limb and had Wisconsin and Georgetown in the championship game with the Badgers winning it all. And both teams are now out of the hunt. Geesh, I usually blow things badly, but typically only one side of the bracket.

And Harvard won? That perennial hockey and eight-man crew school? Won a game in March Madness?

I love this time of the year. It's one game at a time, with up to four games pounding away at the same time. And the TV remote is spinning between 3.1 (CBS), 6 (TBS), 54 (TNT) and 61 (TruTV).

And pretty much I don't care too much who wins. As long as it isn't Notre Dame or any school from Florida. (evil grin)

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