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Incompatible Technology

You'd Think Things Would Work Better Than This

My Voice Mail at work has always hated me -- it does this thing where sometimes the little light doesn't come on when there's message until hours after the message is recorded. It's not the phone, the cable or the jack, because I've used differing ones of all three over the years.

It just hates me.

Hi, Dr. Phil, This Is... FJWEnb vdenei wrRAHe. Could you... En43*O34nfew? Thanks!

So I had a message from what I believe is a student whom I wrote a recommendation the other year and they wanted to see me again. But they were using, I'm assuming, a cell phone, and it clipped and cut out the voice with most every word. So I didn't get the name. Or a working phone number. And something about stopping by my office before 2pm if that was okay -- except from 1 to 2pm I'm in class...

So if you left me a message, I'm not being either rude or ignoring you -- but do try to get in touch with me again.

It should all work together much better than it does, methinks.

Dr. Phil

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