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That's Not Really Rain Outside

At Least Not In The Forecast

So... we're supposed to have rainy days until about Thursday. Might even have some snow in there as well. But for Monday, the rain was supposed to start about noon. Which explains why on my drive in that the rain drops began to fall about 9am. By 9:15 it was pouring. And at 9:30 when I pulled up to Everett Tower on campus, it was raining hard enough that I put on my rain hat even before I got out of the Blazer.

Oh well. I had an old bag of papers I was bringing, and figured that I could haul it in on my little cart this morning. Except not in the rain. My other bags zipper shut, so they came in just fine.

West Michigan Attempts Spring

Several friends from various parts of the country have been posting pictures of early flowers and other signs of spring. Except for Alaska and Colorado, which keep bringing back snow reports after bouts of more pleasant weather.

We finally, I think, made it up to about 60°F this weekend -- and later this week we may make it almost to 70°F. Saturday was supposed to be windy and raining. We had the gray. We had the blustery winds. But Allendale didn't really see any rain while the sun was theoretically above the horizon. Sunday it was supposed to be sunny all day. Nope. Sun didn't really make an appearance until about 4pm, then it cleared up a bit, though high haze made the sun a bit wan.

Good For The Asparagus?

When my parents were at U of I in Champaign IL, they said that whatever the weather was doing, the farm report would say "it was good for the corn." Weather these days can be good or ill for crops. But there was a piece about Michigan asparagus farmers in nearby Oceana County over the weekend, and they said that the cool spring without a late hard frost (so far) is good for the asparagus. Last year it was hot, not just warm, in February and March, and so the freeze in April damaged a lot of things. The asparagus farmers lost 23% of their pickings. Oceana County accounts for something like 60% of the Michigan asparagus crop. Don't know where Ottawa County fits into that total, but there's an asparagus farm down the road from us and we're eagerly awaiting their first crop, especially since they decided to open up to regular folk for sales the other year. (grin)

As For Gasoline

Last week gas prices slowly made their way down from near four bucks a gallon to $3.85.9/gal. Sunday I noted that regular in Allendale was down to $3.65.9/gal. If I were going to make a prediction -- which I am always loathe to do -- based on what happened at the beginning of the recession, when gas dropped below two bucks a gallon, I'm thinking we're about to see gas prices drop as the Sequester effects begin to really take hold. No guarantees, of course, but I don't think the oil companies want to be made into bogeymen right about now. So they'll lay quiet. Not sure we'll get down to $1.55.9/gal again, but under three? I can see it in a few weeks.

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