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The State of the Author 2012 And Taxes

As Others Rush To Work On Taxes

TurboTax Deluxe has done its work again, saying that the Feds have accepted our e-filed return, so our refund will eventually come. (Michigan wants everyone to e-file, too, but Yet Again they just don't get it -- e-filing the state return costs $19.99 versus the cost of two stamps, you can see where I'm going with this one.) That means it's time for this year's version of How My Writing Business Is Doing (DW).

The good news is that once again, the business made a profit. It was down to $135, but it makes sense given the income stream. The movie option on "The Brother on the Shelf" (Analog May 2009) was renewed again, but wasn't actually paid in 2012. There were four publications during the year: "End Run" at GigaNotoSaurus, "The New Tenant" in Rocket Science / edited by Ian Sales, "The Once and Future Tomato" in Neo-opsis, "Brooding in the Dark" at Interstellar Fiction, plus "Your First Real Rocket Ship" won Third Prize in the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest and briefly appeared in English on their website.

Michigan -- Sigh

Nearly the entire time we've been in Michigan, except for some early year(s) in the U.P., we've gotten a refund. Not this year. Nothing really changed on our end, our legislature decided to get rid of some tax credits. The ones that allowed you to take off some money by donating to public works that they didn't want to fund like public radio and TV, community foundations, food banks. We continued to support those operations, but ended up owing $84.

Dr. Phil
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