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Another Muddling Day

I really feel wasted, and somewhat congested. And a colleague down the hall sounds awful, which means those damned germs are out-and-about. I may go home and take another long nap like I did last night. Can't afford to get sick. And don't want to spend the entire first weekend home in a month being sick either. (grin)

Classic Rock Continues

I guess they halt the A-Z rundown on WLAV-FM during the midnight to 6am shift, but they finished the A's last night and were into the B's this morning. Now the website says they're into the C's. Damn -- I missed "Bohemian Rhapsody"!

Winter Eating Season

No, not a typo for Heating Season. This is something I read in the paper the other day. They were calling it from Halloween to Valentine's Day, and said that the not only did people put on up to ten pounds AND not move around as much as in the warmer times, but they got easily discouraged from their annual attempts at dieting because the excess food and sweets never really lets up.

Mrs. Dr. Phil expressed surprise that it didn't extend to Easter, since she'd read that candy sales for Easter top all other holidays, but I think the problem is that since Easter is a "mobile" holiday, there's too much time from February 14th to whenever, to quite roll it into one big Eating Season.

I'm not really hungry for candy, sweets or chocolate right now, but I tell you -- if there was an innocent chocolate bunny sitting next to me, I'd cheerfully bite its head off right now. (double-grin)

Oh I Don't Have It In Front Of Me...

... but with fairly little effort I've used Google to find websites which calculate when Easter (and the Easter Season days prior) occurs for years out to like 3000 AD. Apparently the Easter dates are a repeating cycle with a baseline of some 5,700,000 years. (triple-word-score-grin) Why do I care?

(1) Because too many calendars don't indicate when Easter falls. Given that many families still get together on Easter weekend, it's really bad when Final Exams fall right after or other things are due on Monday, so when I'm planning out due dates for the term which starts in January (Winter or Spring Semester, depending on your druthers), I always want to know when Easter is.

(2) Because in my main hard SF writing universe, I sometimes need to know when Easter falls in 2880 A.D. (Sunday 21 April 2880, in case you care). This is one area where the web is really handy to have -- especially now that I can pull out a PDA at home and Wi-Fi to our DSL connection.

I snapped up the above date from website tracking the frequency of dates for Easter, but there are plenty of others.

Dr. Phil

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