They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me


For the most part I have been at the mercy of hospital kitchens since May 6th. The Spectrum facility on Fuller Avenue, where I have and will continue to have spent the most time, has a decent kitchen and offers choices and will accommodate reasonable odd requests.

Mrs. Dr. Phil has brought a few outside things, such as fresh local strawberries and some coconut macaroons from the Mediterranean place in Allendale. But the last two days I've had two nice treats.

Yesterday the Spectrum facility hosted a classic car show in their parking lot. Free food. I'd had lunch, but after a few minutes sitting in a wheelchair enjoying the warm breeze, I asked Mrs. Dr. Phil to get me a hotdog from the grill with ketchup and mustard.

So nice to at least have gotten ONE outdoor grilled meat item during Dr. Phil's Year Without A Summer. And there's nothing like eating a grilled hotdog out of a little paper hotdog tray.

Then today Mrs. Dr. Phil brought me a container with a wonderful slice of Perreddies key lime pie from Holland.


My appetite has returned, but I'm not eating much since I'm not doing all that much. And all those weeks in ICUs has made me lose almost 90 pounds.

But I do miss nice tastes of things.

Dr. Phil

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