They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Another Week in Limbo

The work of rehabilitation continues. The heel wound is visually healed, though just a bit wet so they've put Aquacell AG on it -- the silver helps. I am hoping that maybe the foot surgeon on Monday will remove the weight bearing restrictions on the left foot. Then maybe I can stand properly on my own two foots. And on to walking.

That'll make a huge difference.

I'm still reading up a storm, but haven't organized the Done List. And movies. Some decent ones on A&E, TCL, etc. Ice Station Zebra today. Don't think I'm some nascent Howard Hughes, but I love that movie and try to catch all of it every time it shows up. Bunch of John Wayne flicks, including Island in the Sky, which I had never seen before. The Duke's Army Air Force two engine cargo plane goes down in uncharted winter snows in northern Quebec. Neat movie.

Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen boiled down to the couple of chefs who actually knew what they were doing, and it was a tight finale between Mary and Janel. Meanwhile, the 11th season of Project Runway begins. Hey, it's something to have on in the background.

Plagued by some indigestion and diarrhea. Some of the staff had something of that a few days ago, so maybe this isn't Yet Another Setback.

So things progress. There is a horizon now. The light on the horizon comes later.

Dr. Phil

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