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Contributing To The Genre

I've been a subscriber and reader to Locus Magazine for about five years now -- technically the subscription is mine, a gift from Mrs. Dr. Phil, but it's in her name because the name had to match the credit cardholder at the time. But this is the first year that I felt sufficiently well-read in a wide enough range of genre writing to take the time to fill out the Locus Magazine's 2006 Reader's Poll.

It's a lot easier for Locus if you fill out the survey online -- then they don't have to do as much data entry. And I have to say the web coding is well-written. I had no trouble filling it out online on my HP iPAQ hx4705 PDA -- hooking up to the DSL via Wi-Fi.

You can get an inkling of what's on the ballot by going to Locus Online and checking out the Locus Recommended Reading List for 2005, or whatever they're calling it. (The one flaw in websurfing with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition is that Pocket Internet Explorer doesn't support more than one window/tab, so I can't doublecheck something easily while in the middle of a blog entry.)

Just Vote For Your Friends

Not quite there yet, but the fact is that I do read the Clarion instructors and other pro writers I meet, like Charles Coleman Finley. So I do vote for stories by Kelly Link and Jeff Ford. (grin)

But I'm also reading the markets and so am able to vote for stories and publications I like.

I always seem to have an opinion -- this time it counts.

Dr. Phil

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