They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

A Better Way

Some things seem obvious after the fact. A Grand Rapids firm is making a clear plastic domed top for movie popcorn tubs. Why? Because it solves the old problem of how do you mix butter and/or flavored toppings without making a mess. Afterwards the dome can be used as a bowl to share the popcorn around.

Naturally it's called the Shake 'n Share and resembles those domed lids for frozen cokes, but without the hole.

After showing it around to some local chains, they figured the first order from Celebration Theatres would be for a case, to test. Instead their first order was for 80,000 units.

Confession: we prefer dry popcorn, but have been known to try some of the flavors. Actually we are more likely to sneak in some carmel corn and mix them -- this would work for that, too.

Is this necessary? Is it further waste? Is it a solution to a First World problem. Sure. But besides the local business angle, the thought that no one ever came up with this is rather remarkable.

Dr. Phil

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