They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

August's Bounty

Mrs. Dr. Phil has been enjoying the West Michigan produce, which I applaud. It's one of the reasons we live here. But, stuck here in the rehab center, relearning how to walk, I can't make my lovely tomato. sandwiches for lunch every day, or revel in the fruit.

But Mrs. Dr. Phil has been bringing some peaches by. First were the Flaming Furies, which are a pretty decent peach, with good flavor, nice amount of juice and a rich peach scent. Then the Red Havens arrived. The perfect peach. A bit too delicate and a bit too rare to ship widely, so we can eat them all ourselves.

Today we shared a plum and a Red Haven. The plum was also quite good. Large, juicy and all sweet -- none of that bitter flavor you sometimes get in a plum.

My year without summer isn't quite devoid of the joys of summer.

Dr. Phil

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