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How Can You Not Love It

It's three hours and twenty minutes countdown to Super Bowl XL across the state in Detroit MI.

Don't get me wrong, I like Pittsburgh and I like Seattle, though I'll be pulling for the "hometown" of both my parents, so Go Steelers!, and I'll be watching the game. But I shan't be watching the HOURS of Pre-Game Show. Hell, they started at 11am on ESPN with GameDay...

Yay! We're For Puppies!

Animal Planet has just started the first running of Puppy Bowl II. It's just puppies playing with each other and with toys on a green "football field" carpet. They did it last year and we were enchanted. We may be owned by cats today, but who doesn't like watching puppies playing? We bought the DVD last year and sent it to my sister -- who didn't seem impressed. Sigh. You try so hard and sometimes you just need to watch some silly puppies playing.

They just gave the "starting lineup" for this first group, they're all about 2.5 months old. Sure, as Mrs. Dr. Phil is saying between laughs, it's stupid and mindless, but IT'S PUPPIES!

Puppies With The Sound Turned Off

Of course we are up to Day Five of WLAV-FM's A-Z countdown -- currently we're in the letter "I", which is chock full of good things, so we don't have the sound on the TV. It's hard to pick just one song to list in Music below, what with "I Robot" by Alan Parsons Project, etc., but I'll have to manage. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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