They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

I Pooped Today

And wiped own butt.

For those of you who think this is no big deal or TMI, let me mention that it's been bedpans since May 6th. With GI issues on and off since due to all those weeks of antibiotics, you just can't crap properly on a bedpan.

What happened today is that OT came by this morning for Shower Day, and for the first time I used the shower chair and also stood some, instead of the shower gurney. It was about noon when I got back to the room and was dressed and put in the wheelchair. Lunch. And I waited for either PT to come get me for their session or at least someone from Therapy to say when. By 3:15pm I hit the call button and when Kat came by, I told her we had three options: (1) someone from Therapy could come by and help me with the toilet in the bathroom, (2) Therapy could authorize one of the aides to do this, or (3) I could be put to bed to use a bedlam. Amazingly they chose option 2.

So I've used the toilet twice to pee with OT's help. But this was the whole shebang. Trust me, it was wonderful.

Rehab is a real perspective change on life.

Oh, and PT came by at 4pm, and we did that, then dinner and wait for a return to bed. All told, that was seven hours straight of being out of the bed. Amazing what being able to adjust oneself in a wheelchair means for being comfortable.

Dr. Phil
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