They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

The View From Up Here

In the PT gym, they have this set of stairs. One side has four 7-11 stairs -- the so-called perfect stairs with 7" of rise for each 11" tread. The other side has eight half-height stairs. The other day they had me try to step up and over a box. After doing that twice, I told them I thought it was about a four inch rise, which meant I should be able to tackle the shallow stairs.

So that day we did one stair. Then one stair,pivot and descend. I was going to do two stairs, descend and call it quits for the day, but I ended up doing three. The next day I went up all eight.

I have to say I crowed, "I'm on the top of the stairs!", which got some amusement from the others in the gym.

Yesterday we tried one full-size stair. And today I did all four, turned around and came down. Yay! First achievement unlocked: In theory I can now get into my house. And out.

Still a lot more to do. But I've managed to push the envelope further every day for over a month. Well, technically every day I have therapy, which is usually six days a week.


Dr. Phil

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