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September 11th 2001 + 12

Two years ago on 9/11 we put on a big show for the tenth anniversary of this generations' loss of innocence moment. Even then, I wondered when a large part of the country would set aside a few thoughts and then move on, as the years advanced. This is not some cynical view of America and Americans, it's human nature. Those most directly affected by 9/11 live with its aftermath every day -- and more so on the anniversary. But there's only so much capacity for the hundreds of millions of outliers to gear up for reliving the trauma every year.

At 8am this morning, I flipped through the channels and only the History channel was doing a 9/11 doc. The CBS morning show devoted a few seconds to the unfurling of a flag on the side of the Pentagon -- then spent a lot of time interviewing Dale Earhart, Jr. about NASCAR fining another driver for deliberately spinning his car to help his teammate win. Not sure what the NBC Today show was going to spend time on. Every time I tune them in, they're yucking it up with the screaming faithful on the rope line outside their studio.

Sacrilegious? I'd say No. We may not have peace after 9/11, but a lot of people, and certainly the media outlets, have made a peace with the terrible events of a dozen years ago. Generations will visit the memorials, contemplate what happened, and pay their respects to the dead… and the survivors. But in their own time. Just as they visit Gettysburg, Arlington and are awed by the stark beauty of the Vietnam Memorial (or it's traveling half-size replica).

Naturally my good friend Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station puts it all in a lovely essay.

Just some thoughts, as I look on the way that no one is talking about 9/11 on today, 9/11/2013.

Dr. Phil

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