They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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Back To Writing

So in addition to being cooped up in hospital beds/rooms all summer, I have not had much butt in chair writing time. That isn't to say I haven't worked on a number of story ideas. But actual writing per se? No. Not much.

Well, it took me two months to get well enough to sit and concentrate on reading, and since then I've been reading up a storm. And I bought two programs for the Kindle Fire HD to write Word compatible files, and have figured out how to make them work.

The beginning of 2012 I had a story appear in the Rocket Science anthology. Yesterday I learned that Ian is working on another anthology, this one on Venus stories.

Well it just so happens that a story I need done by the end of the month is about an Apollo-era mission to fly-by Venus. Perfect. But now I have to come up with another story for this month and I have. Since yesterday, I've written 1900 Words on the new story, all with the stylus on the Kindle Fire HD.

That's dedication, my friends. (grin)

But of course I can't do it this way forever, I need a keyboard. And a real version of Word. So it seems that I am likely to be freed a little bit and allowed to wander the halls with my walker in the next few days. Then I can take a laptop down the hall to the conference room and do some real writing.

Last year I picked up an Asus netbook to use in the classroom, but I took it to WorldCon in Chicago, first using it for the Iron Chef story writing competition. So I should have Mrs. Dr. Phil bring that to my room. Except for one teensy problem -- we stole the case for the Kindle Fire HD.

I ordered a new case from Amazon -- under ten bucks. And... I will be back in business!

Dr. Phil

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