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Dr. Phil vs The Kitchen

Most of the time when I'm talking about therapy, it's on the physical (PT) therapy side. But I have an equal number of hours on the occupational (OT) therapy side.

So they have a kitchen for OT use and we were going to go there the other day to practise reaching for things in cabinets. Alas, we couldn't even get in the door, as there were at least four people in wheelchairs plus their therapists already inside.

It's Saturday afternoon, and I expect a lot of people are watching the Michigan game on TV. So we went to the kitchen. Actually, once you're through the door and turn the corner, it's a pretty big kitchen. Double sink, dishwasher, big refrigerator with water in the door and a microwave.

My therapist started to show me where things were, but I cut her off. One, because this was supposed to be an exercise in standing, and I only brought the four-footed cane with me, not the walker, so I figured I should be the one opening cabinets. And two, there was a box of microwave popcorn in that first cabinet, so I decided we should do a task and make some popcorn. Therapist was delighted to do a real world activity.

The goal wasn't the popcorn, per se. After all, it's microwave popcorn, so it wasn't going to be all that good. It was the principle of the thing.

The box of Act II Butter Lovers popcorn had just one packet left, so that added to the trash load. A real Amana Radarange. Directions said two to two and a half minutes on high. So I put the packet in, oriented with the label up as specified, and tapped in 2:30 and hit start. Yeah, yeah, old hat to some of you, I know. But I haven't made microwave popcorn in years. Back when we used to make popcorn, I would use oil and a covered pan -- our pasta cooking pot, which meant it was well seasoned.

The directions said to wait until the pops reduced to one or two seconds apart, but as I suspected, we burned a couple of kernals. Search and found the cabinet with bowls and selected a stainless steel one. Open, dump, eat.

It was warm, it was commercial microwave popcorn. But I made it and I had fun.

Then got a glass for water, washed my dishes, tossed my trash. By then, having had two hours of therapy, both PT and IT, I was tired.

But a job well done. (grin)

Therapist says the kitchen downstairs can provide the ingredients if I want to make my oatmeal chocolate chip -- or possibly with M & Ms -- cookies. Sounds like the therapists would be happy to eat them.

Oh, and that Michigan football game? So far the Akron Zips are not quite lying down dead for the Wolverines.

Dr. Phil

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