They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

And My Latest Trick...

"Every Day In Every Way I Get Better And Better."

I was telling someone about this Victorian fad the other day. You smugly repeat this phrase all through the day. "Then what happens?" "Then you smack them across the face for being such a sanctimonious bastard."

Seriously, as I've commented before, I really do make one or two improvements to my rehab every time I have OT or PT therapy. And sometimes outside of therapy.

Yesterday's big triumph was being able to get my legs back up on the bed when I go to lie down. I've been able to sit up and get the legs off the bed for a long time. But never was able to get the legs up and needed help. But I kept trying. Last night I got real close, so the aide and I looked at each and said That was real close -- Let's try that again. Success!

Intellectually I have always understood one needs time, patience and drive to do rehab of any kind. If anything good has come out of my The Year Without A Summer -- and it was still spring when I went into the hospital -- is that I now know this first hand.

Getting to home gets closer and closer.

Dr. Phil

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