They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

It's Not Often The Alumni Association Just Gives You Something

For any of you who are college graduates, suffice it to say that most likely they have Found You, and like some good guard dog, they've latched on to you and won't let go. In other words, you get junk mail and solicitations for donations.

It's understandable, the most likely people to give money are those who have given money.

My rule has been that if a degree has gotten me a job, the school gets some money.

Anyway, so Mrs. Dr. Phil brings in this big envelope from NU and when I open it, there is a letter describing a new program to recognize giving. These sorts of things happen all the time. But this turned out to be something which recognizes long term giving. Turns out that some 24,000 alums have given money over some number of consecutive years. And I have given to NU's Integrated Science Program for the past 18 years. Actually I've given more than 18 years since 1980, but it wasn't always consecutive years.

Anyway, it looks like this is a reward. What do I get for being one of the 24,000 alums who gave many consecutive years? Well, as a 18-year giver, I am at Gold Level. In two years I'll make the top platinum level. I'm supposed to get a Gold Level lapel pin. Cool. I've been meaning to buy a new NU hat, since my last faded after years of use. Also, if I get back to campus on a weekday, I can get an on-campus parking pass. If you've never had to park on the main Evanston campus, you don't know how big a deal that could be. Also access to the rec center and the aquatics center.

Anyways, returning donors, at any level, are the lifeblood of the modern college -- both public and private.

Oh, and Northwestern beat Maine on Saturday 35-20, even though the Bears had more yards, half again the first downs and more clock time. Go You Northwestern!

Also in the mail: A mystery postcard from The 140ft Radio Telescope -- housing the world's largest spherical bearing measuring 17.5 feet in diameter. In purple pen it says I WILL DO SCIENCE TO IT! But it was unsigned, so I don't know which of several people it might have come from. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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