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Another One Bites The Dust

In sadder news, 2004 Clarion classmate Peter Burtis has thrown in the towel on his Shadows of Saturn webzine. Peter wanted a chance to edit a pro rate paying dark SF market and had hopes of making a business out of the webzine, something in print, a small press, SF podcasts, etc. He probably still does, but not right now. What made Peter's foray into SF publishing remarkable was that he took this seriously, not just a "hey guys, let's do a play" sort of 1930s movie romp. Shadows of Saturn had a business plan and legal paperwork and a bank loan. Me? I would've just tried to self-finance and muddle along for a while, which is how a lot of sites start up and muddle along.

Alas, submissions piled up faster than he could imagine -- gee, apparently there's a shortage of pro-paying markets out there! -- and even with a hiatus on submissions, life and things just got too much for now, I guess. So Peter updated the SOS website this weekend:

The End

Clearly, my real life has caught up with my fictional one. As more and more of my time is needed for other things, the situation here becomes less and less fair to my contributors. Shadows of Saturn is over. All rights we own are hereby returned to the original authors. All submissions are released with apologies for the slipping response times, and with my sincere thanks for sending them in.

Thanks everyone for a great year.

© 2004-2005 Ordinary Press, Inc. and its contributors. All rights reserved.

Thank you, Peter!

It was fun to have a window inside an Internet start-up, fun to see a few stories.

The reality, of course, is that most small businesses fail and that most entrepreneurs go through multiple cycles.

We wish you well, Peter. And thanks to all who helped make the dream possible, and took the time and money to send submissions to Shadows of Saturn.

Okay, We're Closing SF Markets Faster Than We're Makin' 'Em

Who's next to start one?

Dr. Phil

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