They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Cramming For The Exam

We are making steady progress towards getting out of here.

Mrs. Dr. Phil made the bed in the last few days. As in built a bed platform so that the futon is no longer on the floor. The unit looks grand in the photos. Well made, thorough directions. Hell, she even got to go buy a power tool. There are 12 drawers, six on each side in two layers, plus a door in the center of the foot of the bed. We've never had that much bedroom storage. And the therapy people are delighted I don't have to do floor transfers to get in/out of bed.

I am room independent, at least once I'm up, so I can take the walker into the bathroom without supervision. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I should be hallway independent with the walker.

Mrs. Dr. Phil came by at 2pm, so that we could practice cane to passenger seat of the Bravada. Looked at getting the driver's seat, but need to work to get the right leg that high while standing on my left foot. In theory I am mobile, as a passenger.

I get to go home for two hours on Friday as we get evaluated for the home site visit. Doesn't mean I can be released yet, but Therapy can document for the insurance company what I need to be able to go home. Insurance company squawked at moving the date to 7 October. I've had 15 October pencilled in my mind for months, for no real reason. Running out of September -- it will be soon.

That's all for now.

Dr. Phil
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