They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Quiet Big Ten Weekend

I know that Northwestern, Michigan State and the University of Michigan all had bye weeks today. And that Iowa was at Minnesota playing for what I thought looked like a roasted pig trophy. And Purdue continues to have a tough season by playing the very good the last few years Northern Illinois Huskies.

The game I had on this afternoon was in Champaign IL. Sometimes you're not quite sure what an announcer was saying. At first I thought he said that the Illini were playing the Red Hots. But would anyone really name their team after a hot dog? Though they did have red and white uniforms. Later, paying a little more attention, I realized he was talking about the University of Miami of Ohio Red Hawks. Oh that makes more sense.

Illinois beat Miami of Ohio 50-14.

In other Saturday college football games, Oklahoma is beating Notre Dame 14-0 in the 1st quarter, though it looks like it's first and goal for the Irish. Too early to call this game.

Anyway, quiet afternoon.

Dr. Phil

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