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Living in the U.P. in the mid-80s meant cable TV, including the era when MTV, and later VH-1, actually played music videos. One of the most amazing, from a technological point of view was Ah-Ha's "Take On Me".

Well, a very clever ad agency has given Volkswagen a great new fall ad intercutting a VW Passatt and their maintenance plan with a chunk of Ah-Ha's video. After all, mechanics and wrenches figure prominently in the original.

The Today Show link has both the new VW ad and the original video, which wasn't available on YouTube earlier today.

And I also learned that the actress in the original is named Bunty Bailey, Therese "Bunty" Bailey -- she's English (Is it mean to say she's cuter as an animated sketch?)

This is the second happiest sounding video, even though the video story has a dark, sinister section, second only to Katrina & The Waves "I'm Walking On Sunshine". The latter also wins Best Use Of Hightops and a tie for Best Lipstick with the "Spudettes" from the iconic Robert Palmer video -- you know the one.

And... I am officially old now.

Dr. Phil

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