They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

What Passes For Entertainment Here

Yesterday morning, across the hall. "Grab the crash cart, now!" "Code Blue, Code Blue, Room 5150 Bed 2." 5 minutes in, two EMTs already here. "You got here fast." "We were in the area." 10 minutes in, "We're okay now. Sorry to have called you in for nothing." "No problem. Better to have have us here."

I feel sometimes here that I am becoming my father. The walker. The reacher/grabber. Actually, the unit they had here was one of those ineffectual single moving finger units which don't have enough grip strength to move anything. At the office I have a Gopher 2, As Seen On TV -- about $15 at Walgreens. I use it to pick thing up that have fallen behind the desk, since the space is so small that I can't really move the desk and reach back there. Actually I have two at the office, since the first one slipped out of my hand and fell behind the desk...

So I ordered a Deluxe Gopher -- you can rotate the shaft 90 degrees from the hand to have a horizontal or vertical grip. $12 and free shipping on Amazon. Unfortunately, it caught on something yesterday and one of the rubber grips snapped off. Temporary fix using medical tape. This is a known complaint, as the metal screw goes into a plastic bushing which can break. Already ordered a pair of replacements with a metal bushing.

During breakfast this morning, Brr-rrr-rup! Brr-rrr-rup! Double doors closing in the hallway. We've had a ton of fire drills the last two weeks as they do some rewiring and need to make sure they didn't break anything. (In the event of an actual Fire, call 55-555.) "Code Red, Code Red. First floor. First floor mechanical room." Okay... So not a drill. They shut the door to my room, I continue to eat breakfast -- I mean what else can I do? Ten minutes later, "Code Red cleared."

That's what passes for excitement around here.

Dr. Phil

ADDENDUM: My PT therapist later told me that they realized the alarm was coming from a mechanical room next to run them. So grabbing Fire extinguishers, they rushed in -- and found nothing. Turned out it was a faulty sensor. Definitely better to be safe than sorry.

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