They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

T-10 Days

Yesterday I got on my knees and got up. And was stiff and sore all afternoon. Surprisingly I didn't feel all that stiff this morning.

In the OT gym this morning, I was standing at a table while we played a game. I'd set the wheelchair a bit further away and was using my own cane to get over to the table or sit down. Then I realized that I had just walked from the wheelchair to the table, and had left my cane on the table.

My first free steps -- I am so proud.

Now this isn't real walking. I was just sort of shuffling my feet a few inches at a time. But it was unsupported forward locomotion. And I repeated it for the therapist once I realized what I'd done. And repeated it in my room for the PT therapist on the regular smooth uncarpetted floor.

I'll take it.

Of course in the PT gym, trying to do more stairs showed how stiff my left leg was from yesterday.

And afterwards I hurt all afternoon. (grin)

We have only a limited number of days to work here -- we're all determined to get in as much progress as we can. Go Team Dr. Phil.

Of course since Saturday I've been walking to the dining room for dinner, using the walker. Last two days I gutted it out and did it anyway. And Mrs. Dr. Phil and I spent some time outside and, once again, pushed the wheelchair backwards up the hill back to the front door -- and for only the second time, made it all the way. And first time without stopping. (Last time I had to stop because a bug flew up my nose.)

Dr. Phil

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