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Alas, at least for a lot of folks I know versus my Pittsburgh cousins, Michigan lost to Penn State. But it was a helluva contest.

UofM was losing at halftime, but they came back and were leading something like 34-27. Then tied 34-34. They had a chance to win it with a field goal, but the 52 yard attempt went like 51 yards.

1OT -- still 34-34. 2OT -- 37-37. 3OT -- 37-37 with a Michigan FG attempt wide left. 4OT -- Michigan 40-37, but Penn State gets a TD, wins 43-40. In four overtime periods. I think ESPN was figuring the game would end at 8pm ET, but it went a good eighty minutes more.

I love extra value games.

It was, to some extent, a good game. Something like 107,000+ in Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley PA. They were pulling something called a White-Out. Near as I could tell from the overhead shots, the visiting sections must have been in the end zones, which weren't heavily lit, versus the rest of the stadium enveloping the field in a sea of white t-shirts and white pom-poms.

Some of the staff here were disappointed, as one might expect. And Michigan fans just weren't excited by Michigan State beating Indiana 42-27 earlier in the day. As one might expect. (grin)

Dr. Phil

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