They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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Fade away... Radiate...

The last two weeks have not been kind to the Wildcats.

Last Saturday night, the Big 8pm ET football game on ABC was #3/4 Ohio State vs. #18/17 Northwestern. The Wildcats were leading for much of the game. They'd not beaten a Top Five team ever. And I think at one point they were saying something about not playing a Top Ten team since 1959. Or some other dubious Curse-of-the-Cubbies type thing.

It fell apart at the end and the Evanston crowd not only saw the 33-30 heartaching loss, but the stupid humiliating 40-30 loss that was actually recorded in the record books.

So today, it was with trepidation that I found the #19 Wildcats at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison to play the University of Wisconsin. Yeah, the Badgers are not in the Top 25, but this is Big 10 football -- it doesn't matter. Unless you're Purdue in 2013 and seem to get your ass kicked every week.

First insult -- I was watching the game on ESPN2 and we weren't even out of the first quarter when they switched to the Clemson-Boston College game. What? I flipped to ESPN... Big Ten Network... And finally found the game on ABC. When I came back from dinner, the Northwestern game was clearly lost so they switched to a more interesting game.

35-6. Man, we never even scored a touchdown. Sigh.

I can't root for anybody.

Dr. Phil

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