They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

T-4 (Tuesday)

Started PT with two sit to stands on the stairs, then a walk to the gym. Worked on my weak left hamstring. Then parallel bars -- for practicing lunges. After protesting that I could hardly do a lunge without a sword in my hand, at least an epee, it went much better than I thought it might.

Followed by some squats -- not too deep, mind you -- and impressed both of us with doing them free standing. No hands on the bars.

OT time spent playing some games while standing at a table. The one game was a new one someone had brought in. Way under our age level, but the therapist wanted to see what it was like. A game of Opposites. Big puzzle pieces with only a left or a right connector and simple line drawings. Like a bright yellow lightbulb and a dark gray one. Or a car driving along with a happy girl face and a dog I think, versus an unhappy girl in a car with four flat tires and a bent radio antenna. Funniest part was that this was a brand new game and one odd piece with no match.

Planned? Or more cheap overseas manufacturing?

Anyway, it passes the time and builds endurance.

Talked with the floor's case manager about what needs to be arranged for. This going home thing is getting real...

Dr. Phil

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