They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

T-3 (Wednesday)

My OT therapist had a previous patient who had made baked apples and put them in the oven in the OT kitchen. So my job was to take them out. No question, the kitchen smelled terrific, especially with a fan blowing the lovely scent around.

I had seen potholders and oven mitts in a drawer next to the stove before, so I was in business. I suggested we use a knife rather than a fork to check on whether they were done. Some of the bigger ones seemed a bit firm. I asked about time. Crickets...

See, I asked about the recipe and there wasn't one. They had just peeled and cut apples in half and put cinnamon, brown sugar and butter on the halves. 350°F oven. No baking time. Adventurous types.

Did left shoulder work while waiting, then eventually pulled the bubbling pan out and set it on the flat stove top to cool. Shut off oven -- a newfangled digital control panel, it had no oven on/off buttons. I figured trying Cancel -- 350° went out replaced by the time. Dumb design, it would infuriate my mother and half the population of the country older than thirty.

Off to the OT gym for work with hand weights. Up to 4 lbs for the left arm these days and 6 lbs for the right, except for lifting straight up where the weak left shoulder says nyuh-huh and we change to 2 lbs on the left. Then it was time to go get some bowls and spoons, dish out some of the baked apples and garnish with Edy's French Vanilla ice cream (apparently on sale). There were six halves and since I ended part of the project, I got some, too. Yum. I like therapy.

PT included cane walking to the hall outside the PT gym, then did free walking of 8, 12, 13 and 15 feet, with a cane assist at the end of the last walk to the water fountain, then using cane and the wooden handrail along all the corridors, did more lunges. The AFO on my left ankle which makes walking possible, restricts how far I can bend the ankle when I lead forward with my right leg, but otherwise that went well. Also did more free standing squats. Since I was holding my cane, I started adding some pushing the cane forward with both hands as I bent the knees. Hell, I've seen All That Jazz.

Then back to the gym to write up the order for a walker, a four-footed cane and a long gate belt to take home with me on Saturday. Parts should be in tomorrow, so we can check that they're right.

Saturday closes in, relentless in its momentum.

Dr. Phil

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