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Labors of Love

I am just starting to write my second Appreciation for the SciFiction Memorial site. While waiting for students to not show up for office hours just prior to Exam 1, I re-read my new target story, Howard Waldrop's "God's Hooks", which you can read here.

While I can't say I've read everything Howard has ever published, I've admired the virtuosity of everything I have, even if I'm not necessarily a fan of that particular story. And then when I do run across a Howard story I like... ahhhh... (swoons)

I mean, how can you not love a man who has a "blog", which he mails in because he doesn't do computers? (grin)

If you haven't run across Howard before, I'd start with the lovely and haunting "The Ugly Chickens".

There's also much lore associated with Howard. Ellen Datlow published a lot of his short stories on SciFiction, both new and "classic". Alas, SciFiction is closed/closing now. Ellen insists that Howard did not kill it. She had to say that because Howard's been involved in a whole lot of markets going under, especially those which buy a story, print it, go under -- and forget to pay him. (grin) But this is more the function of Howard being a real full-time short story writer. He has at least one novel, "Them Bones" from twenty years ago, but really it's three intertwined shorter stories.

Anyway, more about Howard when I get this appreciation done -- the first sitting for PHYS-2050 Exam 1 will be ending shortly, and I'll have to pack up the laptop... (super-sized-grin)

Dr. Phil

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