They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

T-1 (Friday)

Well, therapy here at the Fuller Street facility is officially over. The next OT/PT sessions will be home care and then outpatient.

And today's sessions were short. OT came up to the room and we stretched out the left shoulder and worked with 4 and 6 lb. weights. Left arm movements much improved. Talked about doing things at home. At PT we did some cane and free walking. The four-footed cane was delivered, but UGH. It weighed a ton. Seems despite the preference for the lighter 250 lb max cane, they shipped a 700 lb. cane. Not only wasn't this like the one I was using for weeks, but it didn't come close to matching my own single point cane, and there are a couple of applications where I will use both together, and it totally throws off the rhythm. The right quad cane just came and it's fine -- and I had to sign a paper that said yes, there would probably be no warranty due to overloading perhaps. Doesn't bother me.

We also had ordered a larger model sock aid -- sort of a plastic scoop with a rope -- but the one that came seemed too small. Back in my room we grabbed the one I had been using here and the little one and all its packaging rattled around in the Big one. That, too, came in this afternoon.

I had also asked for a bag for the walker, as opposed to a net or a wire basket. The model walker I got came with a wire basket, but the company said they'd send over a bag but wasn't sure it would work. Turns out we were both right. There is no space between the seat and the rod for the straps, but I made it fit on one side of the basket. Best of both worlds.

So now all the parts are in and we're ready to go. One more dinner and a wake-up...

Dr. Phil

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