They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Flu The Koop

We've gotten flu shots for over 20 years, and compared to some of the loo-loo flues we'd gotten before, they work pretty well. And GVSU has been good about making flu shots available to all staff and dependents. 2013 is, of course, complicated. When I thought I might get out of here and driving, there was at least one date at the Holland campus I figured I could make.

But I also started looking at getting a flu shot before I left. After all, Spectrum was starting to do staff and had advertised. And I was told that at some point they'd go floor by floor and offer flu shots to all who wanted them. But they hadn't yet.

So this week I asked the nurses several times. They asked up the line and the last answer I got was that they hadn't printed the consent forms yet. Until tonight, when the nurse came back with a needle, a vial and the paperwork.


So I got my flu shot. Now I've heard from several people that this year's vaccine tends to make a person's arm sore. And the nurse pointed out that they were using a longer needle this year, to make a deeper intramuscular shot. And that I should flex the arm a lot afterwards. Okay. Duly noted.

My unscientific thought is that since this year's vaccine is based on the last flu season's top two strains plus their best guess at a third strain, that the late sonofabitch flu that laid many of my students low and I'd thought I had gotten back in April... that this strain is the one responsible.

Or not. (grin)

Anyway, in a few weeks, now that I will be back amongst all you wild people, will be protected. More or less.

Dr. Phil

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