They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

T-2h 27m (Saturday)

Well, I am up, showered, dressed -- or as dressed as I get these days -- and relaxing for a few minutes before the next steps. I targeted 2pm as my departure time, but who knows what the actual time will be.

Lots of staff here say that they'll miss me. I've been here longer than most and, with very few early morning cranky exceptions, have tried to be nice to everyone. And followed the directions of doctors, nurses and therapists. Committed to pushing forward every day and gutting through the hard parts of therapy was my plan from the first and by gum it has worked. Even for a determined non-exercise person as myself.

Just under five and a half months from ER to final discharge, some six months if you date back to when I got sick. This has been about 1% of my life so far. Unnecessary? Unavoidable? Who knows? Intolerable? No. Thankfully they were able to give me a single room -- 5147 -- here and for nearly all my hospital stays. Amazing what having to be in an ICU does for not having roommates. (sickly-grin)

Anyway, onward to home recovery in a few hours. And hope I don't drive the long suffering Mrs. Dr. Phil nuts having me rattling around the house again.

Where was I again when my life was interrupted? Oh yeah. Just turned in grades and was going to have some two months off before teaching again.

I just might be on target for that.

Dr. Phil

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