They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

T+3 Days (Tuesday)

A quiet day at the office. Or at least at home.

I had hoped to hear from either OT or PT today, to keep on moving forward. Finally called Scheduling around 4PM. They have someone lined up for PT, who will call maybe tomorrow (Wednesday), but still trying to schedule the OT person.

Still moving cautiously in the house. Not only is it a much tighter fit than a hospital, but the softer carpeting makes for a less sure walking surface. Because I am using two canes around the house right now, it makes it difficult to carry things. I had my lunch sandwich in a Tupperware™ sandwich keeper, which I had in my lunch bag with a bottle of water. That I could manage with the canes. I still haven't slept the night in bed, but it is feeling better every day.

Haven't had a Coke since the beginning of May.

I need to start charging batteries and checking out the cameras. Maybe tomorrow.

Between Country Captain, a curried dish, and a meatloaf, it has been so swell to be eating real food. And it is nice to be home, even if I am confined for the moment. The second stage of rehab is coming and we shall make it through that, too.

Oh, and there's no nanny software on our WiFi at home. So a number of perfectly normal websites I visit from time to time are open again. Freedom!

More anon.

Dr. Phil

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