They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

T+4 Days (Wednesday)

Spoke to the nurse at the insurance company that oversees my case. She and Mrs. Dr. Phil have spoken a lot. Touching base and making sure I'm getting the home care I need.

To that end PT comes tomorrow afternoon. Still awaiting word on OT or Scheduling gets another call.

Annoying fact -- the edema in my legs is slowly coming back. Partly caused by more hours in the day up and zero hours in bed with the left leg propped up or the bed with feet elevated. For one, our bed doesn't have those moves. And I have to lie on my side in bed. But... I am still not sleeping much in the bed, so hours of sleeping in a chair are bad for my legs.

While in the hospital, I've been using my right compression stocking, which used to be loose, just so there'd be something on my foot and heel. Two months ago we put on a left compression stocking and laughed at the huge gap between skin and sock. Tonight we put one on under the gray sock I walk around in. Saggy at the top, as expected, feels comfortable on the foot. For those areas of the left foot for which feeling has a value. (my-left-foot-grin)

Definitively something to bring up.

I am getting better at getting up from the various chairs -- or at those that I have tried. Trying to ensure that I am getting up a lot.

Bed is feeling more comfortable. I am sure I will be able to sleep normally Real Soon Now.

Dr. Phil

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