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Paper Or Plastic

Sometimes you just can't figure out what the right answer is. The grocery store would like you to use a whole bunch of flimsy white thin plastic bags. Some of us would rather have paper grocery bags.

Now sure, carving up whole forests for wastepaper bags is a waste. But the little white bags have too short a lifetime to be any good for anything else, whereas I can use a paper bag multiple times before it's done.

Then there's the greatest advance in paper bag technology since... uh... the paper bag? I'm talking about putting handles on your grocery bags.

Alas, good things don't always last. Adding handles costs money and so some stores don't use them or have reverted. Lately, I'm running into cheaper bags where one or more handles start coming unglued when you actually try to carry something in the bag. Silly me, I always thought that's what they were for.

Every now and then someone makes a big deal of the reusable string bags from Europe. Nice concept, but what I want is a ripstop parachute cloth nylon grocery bag with padded handles that folds and unfolds into the shape/size of a paper grocery bag. Someone comes up with that and I might buy half a dozen and screw the stores.

Paper or plastic? Neither, I might say.

Dr. Phil

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