They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

The Ring Needs And Seeks Its Master, My Precious

Shortly after I was hospitalized, I had them take off my wedding band and give it to Mrs. Dr. Phil. I think it was already starting to feel loose and I didn't want to have it disappear. On Saturday I put it on for the first time in five and a half months. With having lost about a hundred pounds, it is really loose -- I took it off just for last night so I didn't have to search for it. Or drop it in the toilet at 3am. (grin) As I recall, it was originally a size 11, but one summer I found I couldn't get it over the knuckle, and had it cut off and resized to size 14. Thankfully this was before gold prices went stratospheric.

Today, Sunday the 27th, is our second 29th anniversary.

Mrs. Dr. Phil made us a lovely batch of spaghetti with Italian sausage and bleu cheese crumbles. Had some more of the extraordinary blueberry crisp, using blueberries frozen from this summer's bountiful fruit harvest. All in all, a lovely event celebration.

Us at a special dinner February 2010.

On to January and our first 30th anniversary!

Dr. Phil

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