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Ah, sigh.

Just finished watching The Last of the Mohicans via Netflix. Probably the most beautiful romantic action war movie I've ever seen. Such strong faces -- Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeline Stowe, plus everyone else. Impeccable filming. Gorgeous score -- one that I play all the time, and is so good that bits of it get stolen along with the score for Braveheart as standins for the real score in early movie trailers. And the scenery...

And Nathaniel clearing the path for the last courier and the whole setpiece of the battle at the fort. From a distance, beautiful and terrible at the same time.

Amused to discover on Wikipedia that Madeline Stowe is just some two weeks older than I am. A contemporary, not just some latest young actress. (grin)

But of course I am talking about Last of the Mohicans and Netflix, not just because I can wax poetically, but because I had decided to check out the movie streaming over WiFi on the Kindle Fire HD while in the hospital. Given the lush opening and stunning music, my test was the first twenty minutes of LOTM. BTW, the Kindle Fire HD passed the test with flying colors. Well, today I took the time to fire up Netflix, which had dutifully kept track of the stopping point, and watched the rest of it on our TV.

Other recent Netflix views since I got home, The Cabin in the Woods and the start of Kevin Spacey's House of Cards. Of course the twin problems of Netflix is adding things to the queue faster than we can watch them versus all the films that they don't carry, or at least not at the moment.

A long time ago, PBS had a Masterpiece Theatre serial of The Last of the Mohicans. I will track that British production down sometime. But for now, I'll deal with the perfectness of the 1992 film.


Back to writing 29th century space stories... (well-chisled-grin)

Dr. Phil

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