They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

Heavy Traffic

Thursday was a busy day. The RN came this morning -- I am healthy enough that I don't really need a check visit by a visiting nurse, other than monitoring my vitals due to the number of prescriptions I am still taking.

At 1pm the HHA came for Shower Day -- the shower transfer bench arrived last Friday a couple of hours after the HHA's first visit. The OT had helped with a dry run of getting in and over the tub on Monday. Today was the proof of concept. In the hospital, a shower took about an hour. A sponge bath last week took about an hour. Today's shower took around 40 minutes. Hey, this stuff might actually work.

Later in the afternoon PT came and among other things, I verified that I could get up from a kitchen chair by myself. And I took a step down into the garage, turned around and we experimented with some different step up techniques. Although it's the left leg and foot with the nerve damage and I am right handed, it is much easier to climb up a step for me leading with the left. The left leg actually has a great deal of strength. I knew that before, but we had to test some things. I guess I am just weird that way.

Oh, and a fourth vehicle came up the driveway delivering a postal package. Haven't seen this much activity in our driveway in years. Of course, no Trick-or-Treaters came by again this year. Just as well, we didn't bother to buy any bags of candy, though Mrs. Dr. Phil and I split a dark chocolate Snickers she'd bought special for dessert tonight. (grin)

Managed to sleep in bed all night. This being home thing is coming along. And I continue to find that long stay in hospital to be a fading dream... How quickly we adapt.

Dr. Phil

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