They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

I Gots Pants

Since 6 May, I've worn either hospital gowns or sweat shorts. But as the weather cools and we begin to progress towards being mobile outside the house, I sort of thought pants might be in order.

I already had the OT therapist help me with a prelab -- my jeans were loose enough in the legs that I could get them on over the AFO. Today I thought we'd start with sweat pants. There's an old pair with narrow cuffs and I fear, some thin spots which might go someday. So we tried the other, newer pair that don't have elastic cuffs.

I remember that I haven't worn these in a long time, something about the fit. Turns out that (a) they are foolishly lower rise so they slide off my butt within a few steps and threaten to take my undershorts with them -- not cool, fashionwise -- and (b) the fabric was clinging to the AFO and its Velcro, which accelerated the pants pull down. So, no dice.

On to the blue jeans!

Funny how heavy they feel -- well they are heavy -- compared to the lightweight stuff I've been wearing. Indeed, lots of things have felt surprisingly heavy since I've gotten home. And loose somewhat, given the weight I've lost. That's why one wears suspenders. (grin)

Anyway, I am now officially dressed in real clothes for the first time in nearly six months. Strange to think how this has all happened, even as that long time away from home is quickly fading from the top memories.

Dr. Phil

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