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Ah-hhh, The Olympics...

... see you when I come up for air in sixteen days. (grin)

A Dramatic Opening

These things always start out with long ten-minute introductions and the 2006 Winter Olympics is no exception. Turin/Torino looks very cool. I think I'd like it better than hotter places like Rome or Venice.

Okay, I'm ready.

Nice piece on Michelle Kwan. She;s grown up over three Olympics into a pleasant, poised and well-spoken young woman.

Forty minutes to U.S. broadcast of Opening Ceremonies... time to show some Men's Downhill training runs and securing the spots on the U.S. team.

What The Hell Is NBC Doing?

The video on the downhill course is awful!

What have they done? Ramped up the contrast? Turned on the Find Edges graphics filter? Decided to make skiing look like a cell-shaded video game?

Because there's a bright white "glow" around skier, skis and poles. Like the enhancement they do to golf balls in flight. But worse.

See, ot doesn't look like skiing. And when you get snowy backgrounds, they become practically Moire patterns of jagged white and dark lines.

This Is NOT Viewer Friendly

I never had trouble following the skiers on the hills. I don't want highlighting glows or red flaming trails behind the skiers -- these are people on a mountain, not hockey pucks.

But even some of the studio shots have the contrast up too high.

Excuse Me, Uh, We Don't Have HDTV

I have a bad feeling they have so much high end video gear in Italy, that they've forgotten to check the NORMAL broadcast television signal. So they don't even know how awful the high contrast edge-enhanced look is.

And the Rah-Rah American Team Only coverage is already cloying.

God I hope not, but I have a bad feeling NBC is going to make this a l-o-n-g sixteen days.

Zero to disappointed in forty-seven minutes. I can't stand it!

Dr. Phil

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