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LAX Security

Yeah, not like anyone is going to make that joke.

So Friday some nut took an AR-15 into the Los Angeles airport and killed a TSA agent, shot up others. Or whatever -- I never trust early details on these things. But what I wanted to talk about was how I heard the news.

See, Friday afternoon I was switching between AMC showing Aliens and another movie, when I saw a note on Facebook. Jim Wright had written that he had heard about the shooting on Twitter. Comments to that post discussed the nature of Twitter versus news organizations to report breaking news. To be fair, one commenter pointed out that Twitter doesn't require fact checking, which most news organizations still do sometimes.

Jim lives in Alaska. Someone commented on how unreal it was that they got their news on LAX from an Alaskan. Me, too:
AMC is running Aliens. Nuke them from orbit -- it's the only way to be sure. And yeah, I too got my news from some Alaskan on Facebook... Dr. Phil

As for the tweets Jim had gotten:
Notably some of the first ones I saw were from Tory Bellaci and Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame, who were apparently at the airport.
How cool is that? I'd trust the Mythbusters B-team on this. (grin)

And, of course, one commenter pointed out that xkcd had already talked about the Twitter news flash phenomena brilliantly, as usual, with both science and sarcasm.

I could do Twitter, I suppose, but I like to work uninterrupted. Plus social media is such that things get crossposted. Even this blog entry was written in Dreamwidth, crossposted to LiveJournal and then I link back to LJ or DW on Facebook. So I'm not missing too much. Yet. (grin)

And yeah, "everybody" knows all this. So I'll point out that this post is also a marker -- ten years from now, I'll be reminded how we did this... way back in 2013. And Get Off My Lawn!

The technology changes us so fast. No guarantees that any of this infrastructure will be used in 2023. Makes it hard to come up with novel methods of information transfer in SF. (double-post-grin)

Dr. Phil

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