They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
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PT on Netflix

As long as I'm home -- and tired of late night television and daytime, too -- I've been watching some things on Netflix. Streaming over our WiFi and DSL, and our Sony Blu-Ray player even has a Netflix button on the remote. Re-running through the new Battlestar Galactica.

I think I'm in Season 1 Episode 11 12, and Starbuck is recovering from injuries sustained when she crashed her Viper and had to fly a Cylon raider home. Anyway, seeing as the fleet is desperate for some type of unobtanium, they are going to hit a Cylon mining base. Starbuck wants to lead the attack. She tells Adama she's ready, while exercising her bad leg. Adama isn't so sure.

So he starts loading up the weights, to duplicate the foot pedal pressure needed in combat, pulling 6-7Gs. He says she has to hold it for ten seconds to live. She struggles, the knee starts shaking -- and at six seconds the leg collapses. Then he tells Starbuck that was the force for 3Gs, not 6.

Welcome to physical therapy and recovery.

I am so there.

Nicely played BSG.

Dr. Phil

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