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The Battle For Michigan

The Michigan State Spartans beat the crap out of the University of Michigan Wolverines in East Lansing yesterday, 29-6. The defense in particular had a great day for MSU, causing something like a fourth down and 48 yards to go and a fourth and 35. The UofM quarterback ended up with a filthy uniform after being driven to the ground so often.

The Spartan fans had a very good day and State has the bragging rights over the two Michigan Big 10 teams at least until basketball season. (grin)

Poor Purdue. They are 1-7 for the season so far and have been pummeled by their Big 10 rivals. Saturday it was Ohio State's turn, 56-0 I believe.

In the cellar on the other Big 10 division is poor Northwestern, 4-5 on the season. They'd broken into the Top 25 for several weeks, but have lost some close games this year. This time it was Nebraska, who was down after the Wildcats score with like 1:20 to go on their own 17, and managed to get a tipped ball in the end zone as time expired, 27-24. Go Huskers.

Elsewhere in Division I, Navy lost to Notre Dame right at the end. And you gotta watch Northern Illinois University -- the unbeaten Huskies trounced Massachusetts 63-19. Don't expect them to fold any time soon, methinks. NIU has been playing well.

In Division II, local GVSU beat Hillsdale 31-21. Despite two conference losses, the 7-2 Lakers aren't bad this year. But whether they can make the D-II playoffs is tough -- it's pretty competitive.

And that's enough college football for today.

Dr. Phil

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