They Didn't Ask Me (dr_phil_physics) wrote,
They Didn't Ask Me

I Done Good

Today my PT and OT therapists' time overlapped, so they could both see my progress on my steep stairs. I had figured out that I need to bring the right foot up just after the left, so as not to freeze in an awkward position and then hesitate. The problem is still getting my left foot up by myself on the steep stairs. Needed just a little help on two of the three. But in general, it is still getting easier -- and faster -- so they were very pleased.

Next Monday we'll combine stairs with a second attempt at getting into the driver's side of the Blazer. Those two things are the hurdles I need to conquer to be home independent, more or less.

After the PT therapist left, I worked with OT. Since we're only meeting once a week, she told me that I had made truly amazing progress with my stiff left shoulder. I mean, without even stretching it out first, I could do many range of motions with my left arm I couldn't do even last week. My homework has paid off.

Go me!

We're also all agreed that we'll wait until I am doing outpatient PT to worry about working on doing floor transfers. That's the last of the big ticket items until my compressed nerves regrow, if they do. Everything else is details for a while.

Dr. Phil

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